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Tai Tank


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Tai is a Biomedical Science and Forensic Medical Science graduate. After spending 6 months searching for his passion, Tai started spending his own time learning to code. Actively approaching recruiters on Linkedin and exploring exams, paid courses and Academy has landed Tai over 8 interviews within 3 months. After numerous failures, Tai eventually kick-started his tech career. Tai has been to two of the big three powerhouses for c#, ASOS, Trainline and Eat and has undergone additional training e.g. OWASP, Compliance etc. Tai has dedicated his career to Identity, Card Payment and Open Banking Payment. Tai is hugely fond of well-tested, easy-to-understand code and lives by the two fundamental pillars of OOP, YAGNI and SOLID.

Kayleigh Wong


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Kayleigh is my partner and has been an integral part of my life. We have been together for over a decade. Kayleigh has a breadth of experience in marketing and event management. Kayleigh will contribute and peer review articles to make sure the information on this site is concise and understandable to all with zero technical background.