Welcome to NameThisWebsite!

Curiosity, Ambition, or Money?

Have you ever wondered how different your life would be if you started your career in tech, if someday AI may replace your current job, or if you’re simply lured in by the attractive ‘tech’ salary everybody talks about?

But how do you actually start? You may find there is a landmine of information scattered across the internet and is difficult to find an actual starting point by the lack of available guidance given by individuals who have successfully launched their career in tech. Many do not succeed due to the lack of insight into this world.

Look no further, this website is created to provide a one-stop shop on how to get started, and career progression, and cover some of the technical aspects of our day-to-day. I hope you’ll find this helpful by using my own personal experience as a guide where I’ll be sharing the different obstacles I faced going from shop floor to FTSE companies. Hopefully, it will answer your questions and get you on track to the fast-paced yet magnificent world of tech!


What is the meaning behind NameThisWebsite?

In programming, finding a suitable name for an actionable line of code is one of the hardest things as this must be universal for everyone to understand what this code does. We spend most of our time either deciphering the action based on the name or deciding on a name for a particular action. It’s extremely difficult to standardise the naming convention due to the high number of contractors, and high churn rate of permanent employees, etc. Proving to be one of the pain points of programming.

Naming convention example:


The usage of familiar terms will usually stand out and likely comprehend immediately without any second thought. Hence I have named this website effectively without a name. Using word universal and standardise names.